Sundays in my city Archive

Sundays in My City – Macqueripe Bay

Mother’s Day at the water’s edge… VIDEO: Silk Cotton floats down to the waves on Macqueripe Bay. The silk cotton barely shows

Sundays in My City – Tobago

It’s technically not my city, but oh how glad I am that it’s close enough. Sweet Tobago Let’s travel the world together!

Sundays in My City – Arboretum

Took in a bit of nature with the family today… Those bamboo patches really reach for the sky… The water was so

Sundays in my City – Aripo Cottage

This is part two of the family’s trip to the Heights of Aripo earlier this month. If you’re ever in Trinidad, I

Sundays in my City – Heights of Aripo Pt 1

Today we travelled to the hills of Aripo in Trinidad’s Northern Range and spent the day at The Aripo Cottage. It was
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