Sundays in my city

Beach Alive

Sundays in My City – Macqueripe Bay


Mother’s Day at the water’s edge… VIDEO: Silk Cotton floats down to the waves on Macqueripe Bay. The silk cotton barely shows up in the video, but I’m leaving it up for the sound of the waves. It was such…

Sundays in My City

Sundays in My City – Tobago


It’s technically not my city, but oh how glad I am that it’s close enough. Sweet Tobago Let’s travel the world together! Blog hop around the world and visit more cities with my friend Unknown Mami * Dipping my toes…

Monkey in Bamboo

Sundays in My City – Arboretum


Took in a bit of nature with the family today… Those bamboo patches really reach for the sky… The water was so peaceful… and cold! It was good to be in harmony with nature… Let’s travel the world together…

Aripo Cottage - Purple Orchid

Sundays in my City – Aripo Cottage


This is part two of the family’s trip to the Heights of Aripo earlier this month. If you’re ever in Trinidad, I definitely recommend a visit to The Aripo Cottage Eco Resort! Let’s travel the world together!

The Aripo Cottage

Sundays in my City – Heights of Aripo Pt 1


Today we travelled to the hills of Aripo in Trinidad’s Northern Range and spent the day at The Aripo Cottage. It was a great end to the long vacation for the children. I feel blessed to have spent such a…


Sundays in My City – A T-Rex named Sue


We recently took the kids to see a travelling Dinosaur Exhibit – “A T-Rex Named Sue“. Sue’s skeleton is the most complete T-Rex skeleton every discovered. The exhibit is on loan from The Field Museum in Chicago – learn more…


Sundays in My City – Hills Afire


It’s been an extremely hot dry season and we just haven’t been seeing the rains we’re accustomed to. Water restrictions are in effect, and the hills… the hills everywhere are burning. Yesterday I spent the day with some friends at…


Sundays in My City – Chaguaramas Military Museum


It’s been a while since my last SIMC post, but I’m back in a big way (I think!) There’s so much history around us that we Trinis take for granted, myself included. It’s often not that we’re not interested in…