Just listen

Questioning yourself a mother and picking apart the job you’re doing with your kids is something I think every mother… EVERY mother… does. There’s always something we feel we should be doing better, someone who’s doing it better than we are. We stress out trying to make it perfect in the hopes that our kids […]

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Having kids has changed me. I’m proud of being a mom, although I don’t think there’s one day that goes by that I think I haven’t done it wrong and that I don’t pray for another day to try to do it better. To nag less, to laugh more, to listen more closely, to make […]

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It’s good to be home…

My son recently had a heart defect repaired through the kindness and generosity of pediatric cardiologist, Dr M. Ebeid. Wendy Fitzwilliam can be proud to have her name associated with the Pediatrics Dept at EWMSC. Mostly. At a time when nurses and doctors in the public healthcare system are warring with the Gov’t, the nurses […]

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