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Cold Porcelain Jewellery Dish – Craft Tutorial

Learn how to create Cold Porcelain, perfect for small sculpting and crafting projects such as this organic jewellery dish.

Blessed to be a Trini

Looking through my Flipboard feed, I came across this photo by Clark Little. It so perfectly captures my state of mind right now.

Morning Coffee – Apple’s Christmas Ad is Heartwarming Goodness

  Apple’s Christmas Ad 2013 I don’t even have the words, except to say. Bravo. Apple gets this one completely right. Source:

Morning Coffee – December 16 2013

  The Science Behind Chicken Soup. As it turns out, grandma was right. While chicken soup may be comforting and good for

DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I love the traditions of Christmas, and making memories with my kids that they will look back on (hopefully fondly) when they
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