Black Friday

  I had such grand plans to find and share what I considered to be great deals today on Black Friday. Instead, it’s a very different Black Friday and I am immersed in a very different madness. Rest in peace, Keyana.   Trinidad is too small. Far too small for the violence against women and […]

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She Said What?!

There was a time when ignorance and the master/slave mentality of the past led some to reject any form of “African-ness”, whether it was represented in skin colour, hair texture, or body shape. And it was widely accepted by society. Those days are behind us. And those of you holding on to those vestiges of the past? You need to let them go.

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2013 Christmas TV

Ok can I start celebrating now?! Every year I hear people talk about Christmas “starting earlier and earlier” and blaming commercialism. And that is certainly true. BUT… Christmas is also about tradition. Preparing the house. Making the ham and pastelles. Making the wine. So can I turn on my Christmas music and start cuddling up […]

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