Mixed Race in 2013

So I’m sitting here taking a Facebook break and escaping work on the blog for a bit, when I notice something going on in my newsfeed. For some reason, today it is littered with articles shared about mixed-race American celebrities. There’s more than one about celebrities you wouldn’t really know have black heritage. (Rashida JONES! […]

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Just listen

Questioning yourself a mother and picking apart the job you’re doing with your kids is something I think every mother… EVERY mother… does. There’s always something we feel we should be doing better, someone who’s doing it better than we are. We stress out trying to make it perfect in the hopes that our kids […]

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We are "society"

this is your world. shape it, or someone else will. Every day it seems we wake up to hear about lawlessness and corruption and greed and how it’s destroying our country. The actions of the selfish seem to be on proud display in every direction and I think we’ve all found ourselves questioning whether we’re […]

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