Blessed to be a Trini

Looking through my Flipboard feed, I came across this photo by Clark Little. It so perfectly captures my state of mind right now. As the old year rolls to a close, I’m reflecting on the season. Looking back, and seeing the year behind me so clearly, but compelled to move forward… onward. In spite of health […]

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Morning Coffee – December 12 2013

What I’m reading this morning, December 12th 2013: – Empathy. Animated. A new RSA animated short captures the essence of sympathy vs empathy, and Dr Brené Brown tells us why empathy is so important. – Norway is supporting reading in a whole new awesome way. Its National Library is digitizing all its books and making them free to read online! The […]

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3D Spiral Snowflakes

Ok they’re snowflakes, but I keep calling them stars. Something about the Caribbean and not having actual snow. Still, we do put up fir trees every year, so I guess we can allow snowflakes, right? These are all over these days, but Lia Griffith has included a printable pattern for her 3-D Paper Snowflakes along with […]

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