Thanks for visiting “When did I become my Mom”.

This blog started in 2009 as a place for me to process my thoughts and indulge in a little creative writing here and there. A place that is all my own to express my creative side, quite apart from my very logical career persona as an IT Strategic Consultant.

Over the past 7 years, this space has evolved as I’ve evolved as a Family Advocate, parent, wife and career woman. I “think aloud” here on family, relationships, and the parenting.

I’ve been interviewed on CNC3, TV6 and Gayelle, as well as featured in the Trinidad Guardian and Woman Express.

As for the name… Well, haven’t we all been there? 🙂

You wake up one day and you start hearing phrases coming out of your mouth that you swore you’d never let pass your lips when you had your own kids… And you gain a sudden new appreciation for your Mother’s perspective on life and raising children… And you ask yourself…

“When did I become my Mom?”

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