DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I love the traditions of Christmas, and making memories with my kids that they will look back on (hopefully fondly) when they have their own kids.

When my boys were little we used to light the Advent candles and reflect every night on the theme of the week. When little Miss came along, I suppose it just became too much for me to manage, and although the Advent candles come out every year, we haven’t kept up with daily devotionals.

This year I wanted to do something special to count down the days to Christmas Day, and thought of doing something memorable from the children’s perspectives while also spending some time reflecting daily on the meaning behind the season.

I’ve always wanted to have an Advent Calendar, but never got around to getting one. This year, inspired by Pinterest, I decided we should make one!

But all the ideas I liked needed a good deal of space on a mantel or side table or wall, none of which really worked for our small space.

So… we came up with our own Advent Calendar. :)

It’s really simple to put together, fits in any space, and the result is beautiful to behold.

Gather Materials

Gather Materials

First we gathered all our materials.

We used:

  • cardstock and gorgeous scrapbooking paper for the trees
  • old necklaces to upcycle the jump rings and beads
  • ribbon or twine to hold each tree together

Then we printed the Christmas Tree pattern onto the cardstock and paper.

You can download the pattern below and you can use it to get a template for both the large and small trees.

To get the larger trees you’ll want to select “Actual Size” when you’re printing. To get the smaller trees, select “Fit to Page”.

Download Tree Pattern

Cardstock Patterns

Print Pattern on Cardstock


Assembling the components came next, and you can either use a hole-punch and string your pairs of small and large trees together with ribbon.

We opted for using a small sharp tool (a needle or a very sharp pencil will do) and using twine to string our trees together, because I liked the natural feel to it.

We also strung a couple beads together and attached that to the twine to dress them up a bit.

Finished Trees

Assemble the Components

We plan to countdown the last 12 days of Christmas together, so each pair of trees needed to be numbered.

You can number each of the small trees with a marker, or you can do what we did – hang a cardstock star cutout from the twine.

I liked using the stars, because the children can write an idea for family time behind each star, and they get to have their together-time wishes come true each night.

I have to say I’m really happy with the way these turned out, and I’m really looking forward to making some new memories with my babies!

Advent Calendar



A special thank you to Bead Cafe Craft & Hobby
for providing some of the materials used in this project!
BeadCafe Craft and Hobby

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  1. Gayle

    This is an awesome idea. I especially like that you start at 12 days. I think I am going to try this as well with my kiddies.

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