5 Great Father’s Day Ideas

5 Great Father's Day Ideas Collage

Nothing beats a homemade gift to let someone know you really care.

If you’re looking for a great Father’s Day idea to let Dad know how much he’s loved, these 5 should get you off to a great start!


Monster Phone Charger


Monsterize Dad’s Phone Charger – Bring a smile to Dad’s face EVERY time he charges his phone!
[Get the instructions]
Monster Phone Charger - AlphaMom.com


iDad Card


The Perfect Card for a Gadget-Loving Dad – Personalize this card with photos of Dad’s little treasures, fun riddles, or anything that suits your fancy!
[Get the instructions]
iDad Card - SheKnows.com


Car Shirt


This T-shirt is not only cute, it’s a great way for Dad to sneak in a tiny back rub from the kids! Muhahahahaaa!
[Get the instructions]
Car Shirt - TheBlueBasket.blogspot.com


Photo Blocks


This would be wonderful on Dad’s desk! Personalize it with family photos of the kids, Dad’s proudest sporting moments, photos of the kids’ artwork… the options are endless!
[Get the instructions]
Photo Blocks - StarsAndSunshine.com


My Dad Rocks


Edible Fudge Rocks – Indulge Dad’s sweet tooth with this cookies-and-cream fudge creation!
[Get the recipe]
My Dad Rocks - Edible Rocks - HungryHappenings.com

I have to hand it to the creative minds behind these blogs, I’ve been searching the interwebz for creative and unusual ideas and they’ve certainly come up with some ideas that are out of the ordinary!

I hope you enjoy!

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