Upcycled: Wall Art

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Upcycled: Wall Art

I’m all for recycling/upcycling.

I’m kinda crafty… I try to think green. But recycling objects for craft has got to be one of two things – it’s either got to be functional, or sentimental.

This project is a little of both.

Since we moved into this house (rental) a year and a half ago, we’d never really made it *home*. There’s no wall art up, and I’m not sure I could afford to cover the walls like I’d like to with work from artists I love.

I thought maybe I’d put up the kids’ artwork – get some nice frames and change the pieces every month or so to keep it vibrant and encourage their talent. Tameika, from Bead Cafe Craft & Hobby, suggested I try some scrapbook paper, embellishments and Mod Podge to make my own wall art. So I picked up a few supplies from her and went looking for inspiration.

I found it here:

Home by Sarah Hodgkinson

I thought it was really simple, but sweet… AND I was pretty sure I had a lot of scraps on hand that I could work into a derived version of this.

Upcycled - Wall Art - Prep

I cut the lid off an Amazon Kindle box, gathered up my paper, card stock scraps, sequins and Mod Podge. I also picked out a rub-on transfer and die-cut “LOVE” lettering that I got from Tameika.

The birdhouse and bird I drew freehand, and the birdhouse was “hung” using the fabric wrapped “edge” of wire-reinforced ribbon I had left over from Christmas.

The rub-on transfer should be done on the paper BEFORE the paper is bonded to the cardboard backing. It’s possible to add it afterward, but it’s more difficult to adhere and you risk getting a dent in the cardboard.

I applied the Mod Podge in even coats to the cardboard, attached the layer above it (paper, card stock cutouts, etc) working my way up. I allowed 20 mins minimum drying time before moving on to another section.

I’m pretty happy with the end result, and plan to do 2 other similarly sized pieces to hang in a group.

Upcycled - Wall Art - Completed

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