The Aripo Cottage

Sundays in my City – Heights of Aripo Pt 1

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Today we travelled to the hills of Aripo in Trinidad’s Northern Range and

spent the day at The Aripo Cottage.

It was a great end to the long vacation for the children.

I feel blessed to have spent such a beautiful day with family and friends, in such

a gorgeous setting.

More photos of our visit next week!

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  1. what a place…I guess the air is clean and all the sounds of nature are like music…
    Any spiders or snakes? 🙂
    Have a good week ahead!

  2. Author

    Thanks girl! It is so lush and green and peaceful! There’s a couple pools, a river, outdoor BBQ facilities, covered dining, horses to pet and a collection of birds and other small animals, including a howler monkey that has the run of the place when there aren’t visitors there!

    You should visit next time you’re here.

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