Sundays in my City – Heights of Aripo Pt 1

Today we travelled to the hills of Aripo in Trinidad’s Northern Range and

spent the day at The Aripo Cottage.

It was a great end to the long vacation for the children.

I feel blessed to have spent such a beautiful day with family and friends, in such

a gorgeous setting.

More photos of our visit next week!

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  1. BLOGitse

    what a place…I guess the air is clean and all the sounds of nature are like music…
    Any spiders or snakes? :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  2. Sonya

    Wow such beautiful vibrant photos!

  3. Amy

    Love how you did all the little square photos. So pretty.

  4. Unknown Mami

    It’s beautiful, so full of colors and life. I’m glad you got to enjoy such a beautiful setting with your loved ones.

  5. Nicole

    Thanks girl! It is so lush and green and peaceful! There’s a couple pools, a river, outdoor BBQ facilities, covered dining, horses to pet and a collection of birds and other small animals, including a howler monkey that has the run of the place when there aren’t visitors there!

    You should visit next time you’re here.

  6. Gayle

    How awesome! Got to say never been to Aripo :S
    so it go though.
    Glad you had fun

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