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As women we’re constantly facing down the gender stereotypes life throws our way.

Women are weaker leaders than men. (Pfff. Please.)
Women are bad drivers. (Research actually shows that women are safer drivers than men.)
Even Mother Nature seems to be in on the game – men grow “distinguished” while women grow old.

Let’s face it. Even if you weren’t the least bit beauty-conscious as a girl and young woman, you start taking notice when your thirties arise. Smile lines seem to get deeper, and all of a sudden the person looking back at you in the mirror… well she’s just not you anymore.

Like it or not, our identities are strongly tied to the person we see in the mirror. And none of us has a desire to age badly.

When it comes right down to it, we’d be okay if someone discovers the fountain of youth and shares it with us!

Well that’s just the focus of the research dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone has been conducting.

You may have seen him on Oprah talking about his secrets for fighting aging, educating us about the effect certain foods have on our bodies and how that translates to our appearance.

In his new book Forever Young he talks about nutrients in the food we eat that can actually turn on genes that block disease. They can even turn off genes that lead to accelerated aging – wrinkles and weight gain. He’s even laid out an approach for those facing the big M – we all know Menopause can be a miserable experience for some.

Dr Perricone takes the approach of fighting aging with diet as well as with a beauty care line (he calls them his Cosmeceuticals). The book also talks about the research and technology behind his Cold Plasma.

Dr. Perricone was able to isolate charged particles, suspend them in a highly absorbent and penetrative base for maximum absorption into the skin. This is the science that underlies the product. In the book, he also discusses how the nutrients in Cold Plasma directly stimulate the precursor to collagen and elastin, glycosaminoglycans. Dermatologists have been looking for years for effective ways to stimulate skin’s natural levels of glycosaminoglycans.

Forever Young is available for pre-order on Amazon only right now. If customers pre-order the book now, they can get a free Concentrated Restorative Treatment, a $75 value!

I never promote beauty products. You’ll see me talk about entertainment for kids, safe computing practices and technology, and things that help me keep an organized home. I’ve never been concerned enough about my skin to stick with a beauty regime.

Until I hit my thirties.

I’ve had the opportunity to try Perricone Cosmeceuticals because I knew I had to do something about the dark circles under my eyes. The prompt I needed – when putting my 7 year old to bed, he looked up at me and said “Mom, sometimes when you’re really tired, the dark stuff under your eyes gets really scary.”

Oh man.

Who wants to hear that?!

I’ve been using Perricone’s Advanced Eye Area Therapy, and I really was skeptical at the start. A few weeks into this and I’m a happy customer. (I had to stop and restart because of my recent chickenpox episode, so I haven’t included photos as they really wouldn’t be a fair representation of the progress I had witnessed.)

Try Cold Plasma for Free:

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Free Samples of Perricone Cold Plasma

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Good Luck!

Disclosure: I was provided with a product sample in order to share my experience with it. I received no compensation for this post and the opinions and experiences I have shared are 100% mine and 100% true.

77 thoughts on “Forever Young – Unlocking the Secrets (Giveaway)

  1. I would love to try this. I have heard a lot of good things about it.
    Now that summer is over I need to replenish my face chemicals.This would be perfect.

  2. I’d love to try this because I had the signs of aging I see in the mirror.
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  3. I could really use this. I am 45 and am really beginning to see the signs of aging. I feel like my skin just looks blah and I look tired. I need a product that will rejuvanate my skin and Dr. Perricone’s products are supposed to be some of the very best. TY for the opportunity to win!

  4. I would really like to win and try this product out! I’ve heard a lot about it…but, it’s not often that I am able to splurge on products at this price range!

    Why I’d like to win:

    Well, about three and a half years ago, out of nowhere, I got a really bad case of “adult acne.” The brunt of it lasted for about two years and, fortunately, has cleared up, for the most part, now. Unfortunately, it has left me with a lot of unattractive acne scarring…yes, I’m ashamed to say that I was a picker. I have discoloration from the scars and my skin is definately not smooth as it once was… The scars have faded somewhat but are still very noticeable (at least, to me) unless I cake my face with loads of makeup. I’d love to be able to leave the house without a full face of makeup on! This is my goal and that is why I’d like to win the Perricone MD Cold Plasma! I’ve heard a lot about this product and I think it might just be the ticket for many of my skin problems!

    Thank You!

  5. I would love to win this product. I’ve gotten a lot sun damage and fine lines since the birth of my triplets. Initially it was the stress and lately from running around with them outside all day.

  6. I want and most of all need Cold Plasma because last year I turned the BIG 50 and in less than a month I will be 51. Little winkles started showing up round my eyes and I don’t want them to get worse. Most of all winning is the only way I would be able to get this GREAT!!! product.

  7. I need this terrific sounding serum from Dr. Perricone to attack and defeat the fine lines and wrinkles that are advancing on my face! Bringing back some of the firmness and elasticity, not too mention putting some glow back into my skin would also be welcomed!

    Thank you for hosting this terrific giveaway!

  8. I would love this because I have heard really good things about this brand and I’d love to do things to help my skin look good longer.

  9. I’d love to have it because I’d like to waken up this skin and these bags under the eyes are just begging for some help.

  10. I was shocked recently to see myself in a mirror standing next to my Mom. The similarities were disturbing. I need to put the brakes on the aging clock. Fast!

  11. This might be the antidote to covering my face with several centimeters of spackle! And I’d rather treat the skin than cover it with makeup goop.

  12. I want to win this for my mom because she is always complaining about her skin and how she can’t afford a nice skin care regimen! This would be a nice surprise for her!

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