Sundays In My City – The Queen is here

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The Queen of England is visiting these fine shores this weekend.

No really, she is.
Trinidad being a part of the Commonwealth formerly governed by the British crown, and hosting the current Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2009 (CHOGM), the Queen has graced us with her presence.
While I did not see the Queen, nor French President Sarkozy (no France is not part of the Commonwealth, but he’s here to participate in climate talks), nor the several other Heads of State here, their presence was visible in other ways.

Security was high.

In the sky.

And on the ground
There was no traffic in the capital. Most people seemed to avoid the area completely, and there were few cars at all on the roadways surrounding the CHOGM event locations.
 It’s rare to see the Savannah so deserted. No pedestrians, no activity.
 I was happy to see some old buildings get some sprucing up.
I really do wish I had more to show you, but these are best photos I could take from “the perimeter”. 🙂
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