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Little princess’ First Birthday celebrations have kept me busy, so I’m going to the archives for today’s Sunday in my City. I hope you guys still find it entertaining. 🙂

Have you checked out SIMC before? If not, you really should – it’s hosted by Unknown Mami and you can see lots more cities here

This is Chaguaramas.

During World War II, the US used this area as a military base, and there are still underground bunkers left behind here. More on those another time…

Mangrove crabs all tied up with banana leaf strips. This was lunch! (Not raw of course. We took them home and curried them!)

Young pommecythere ripening on the tree. It’s also known as golden apple, and is a sweet fruit with a spiky yellow seed which resembles a sea urchin. See it here.

Green bananas (green fig). Not yet sweet but great for cooking.

Some birds enjoying a soursop. I love soursop ice cream. It’s a sweet milky fruit that the birds get to before we can, usually. If that’s not a recommendation that something’s good, I don’t know what is…

Here’s a baby iguana who was sunning himself in the middle of the road. He’s trying to make a dash for it, and he blends in great against the grass and the leaves. He seems to forget he has a tail though. I tried to blur the rest of the photo so he stands out better.

Well that’s it for today – I hope your enjoyed your trip around my part of Trinidad and Tobago. Care to share photos from your corner of the world? Join us here at Unknown Mami’s and come back next week for more of

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